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Principal's Message

Welcome to Glenwood Ridge!

To our GRES family - 

In an effort to send consistent messages to parents, communication to you has been provided by the district but with that said, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much you are all on my mind.  This time last year I was overjoyed with the opportunity I was offered to become principal at GRES and I couldn’t wait to see what my first year as principal would bring. Never in a million years would I have written this chapter in my book.  But here we are. All of us are in a place we never thought we would see in our lifetime and quite frankly, it’s hard.  

Whenever I have students or teachers in my office problem-solving through a situation, I often ask them “what can you control?” in an effort to not waste energy on that which we can’t control.  It helps us to come to a solution that we can make happen and feel empowered. So I find myself asking that question over and over. “What can I control?” The answer is: I can control ME and my response to this situation.  As much as I would like to change our circumstances, I simply cannot. I cannot hug the students in the morning or high five them on their accomplishments. But I can continue to love them and celebrate them and I can continue to support their learning needs.  I was in a Zoom conference today and a leading educator said, “we are being called to serve children differently.” That made sense to me. This has been an emotional journey for all involved but one that no doubt, will make us a stronger family. 

Many of your students have been able to connect with their teachers and we all realize these connections and relationships are vital.  I also want to share that we recognize what you as parents might be experiencing through this journey.  Whether it’s a financial hardship, health scare, fear of homeschooling, the thought of being in isolation, or whatever it is, we hear you and are here for you.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything.  

Finally, my favorite word as we navigate this new normal is “grace.”  Give yourself GRACE. We all have a story that has this new chapter that we didn’t expect.  We have to be okay with this being a little messy. I know that I wish my list of what I can control was longer because what all of us here at GRES want and need, is to be with your children.  We miss them. We miss you. Together, we will get through this. #GREstrong 

Deborah Ricker