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Lunch Schedule

Parents are invited to have lunch with their child. Please call prior to 8:45 a.m. if you would like to order a school lunch. This will allow the food service personel to prepare enough food. If you are bringing or sending food to school for your child, please provide nutritional drinks (milk, juice - no pop).

Having lunch with your child is a special time for your child(ren) and you. You are allowed to bring fast food for your child; however, it is not permissible to bring food for children during lunchtime who are not yours.
Your child's class will eat at the following times:
11:30-11:50     STAR - Crawford
11:32-11:52     4th - Ms. Dulaney
11:34-11:54     4th - Mrs. Fitzgerald
11:36-11:56     4th - Mrs. Loevenstein
11:38-11:58     3rd - Mrs. Harrold
11:40-12:00     3rd - Mrs. Irvin
11:42-12:02     3rd - Mrs. Plum
11:48-12:08     5th - Mrs. McCarthy
11:50-12:10     5th - Ms. Odle
11:52-12:12     5th - Ms. McCarthy
11:54-12:14     KG - Mrs. Budimlija
11:56-12:16     KG - Mrs. Pruitt
11:58-12:18     KG - Mrs. Walker
12:04-12:24    1st - Ms. Douglas
12:06-12:26    1st - Mrs. Martin
12:08-12:28    1st - Ms. Sneed
12:10-12:30    2nd - Mrs. Brown
12:12-12:32    2nd - Mrs. Forbes
12:14-12:34    2nd - Ms.Patterson