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#1 ALC Post Pep Rally for GRE fund raiser

Students learned that over the next two weeks that they will get the chance help their school (and our classroom) by earning pledges. And the best part is Apex introduced their new leadership theme: APEX STRONG!

We are all getting excited about health and fitness here at Glenwood Ridge. The Apex athletes will be on campus teaching us about these awesome leadership lessons and will also be playing games with our kids during lunch and recess.

Today, your child will be coming home with a pledge kit. This pledge kit has all the information regarding the program inside, so be sure to open in it up and take a look. One of my favorite parts about Apex is the inclusive program; every student is included, regardless of financial participation! Each student will receive a completion tracker and a wristband for each day that is representative of that day’s leadership lesson. I encourage you to ask your child about each wristband at home to continue conversation on the leadership lessons.

Be on the lookout for daily updates regarding our pledge totals as a class along with other information regarding the big event next week.

Thank you!

Head Coach Hancock

I lost my Access Code

No problem! If you have multiple students and at least one Code for a student, you can login with that first and then lookup your other student(s) by clicking "Add Student." If you don't have any Access Codes OR only have 1 student at this school Click here and give us some info! We'll be able to help you. Also, every teacher has a list of access codes at school, let your students know they can reach out to their coaches as well.